Public Holidays 2019 Malaysia

The regulation of Public holidays in Malaysia is done by both state and federal levels as these are based over the list of federal holidays including some additional holidays which are accounted by each and every individual belongs to state and federal territory. Basically, public holidays can be said as the mixture of secular holidays being celebrated by the entire nation along with some of the traditional holidays based on different religions and ethnicity which makes up a country. The legislation of governing public holidays in Malaysia comes under the Holidays Act 1951.

The workdays and weekends in the country vary from state to state but most of the federal territories and states keep the weekend of Saturday and Sunday while in some states like Johor, Kelantan, Kedah, and Terengganu the weekends are considered on Friday and Saturday. There is also a great benefit of public holidays to the people living in Malaysia. If any public holidays fall on the weekend of those countries who are substituting off for Saturday and Sunday then Monday will be considered as off for the substitute. Similarly, if countries having a weekend on Friday and Saturday then the holiday is shifted to the next working day which is Sunday. In such a way any public holiday falling on the weekend is replaced or postponed to the next working day of that particular state.

Federal Holidays

Federal Holidays


The federal government keeps a fixed chart for the federal holidays and are followed by an entire nation. There are some federal days which remains same every year like Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday, Wesak Day, Hari Merdeka, Chinese New Year, Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s Birthday, Hari Raya Puasa, Hari Raya Qurban, Deepavali, Christmas, Labour Day, Awal Muharram, Malaysia Day, etc. So in all states and federal territories, there is a total of 14 days considered as the public holiday except Sarawak which have 13 public holidays as there is no leave for Deepavali. If you want to get the calendar for public holidays going to fall in Malaysia then we are here providing you the entire list of holidays along with their date in the list of Public Holidays 2019 Malaysia.

Along with the federal or public holidays each state also has its own holidays which are known as State Public Holidays. For each federal territory, the entire charge of holidays is designated to the Prime Minister. If we talk about the state holidays then for each state of Malaysia the birthday of a state governor is accounted as the public holiday while in territories a Federal territory day is celebrated.

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We work very hard to earn our livelihood and it is really important to get some holidays and enjoy those moments with your family, friends and loved one. Everyone either student, housewives, home workers, employees or employer everyone waits for holidays with full excitement and hope. There is no one who does not love holidays or wants to enjoy their free time working or doing those activities which they like. After being tired from lots of work our body needs or demands some rest for which sleep is not enough you need to take a proper rest for a long time.

If you also feel for the same and is a citizen of Malaysia then this is the perfect place for you. Here you will be going to get the entire list of public holidays going to fall in 2019 in Malaysia, this will help you in scheduling lots of your work and completing your pending work on off days. Not only this you can even plan a trip with your loved ones to an outer place which will not only give you pleasure, but it will also keep your mind stress free and bring some charm to your life.

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So never hesitate from planning a vacation trip at least you should go on vacation once or twice in a year for refreshment. It is a challenging task to take off from your work for any trip in spite of it we suggest you track the holiday’s list and plan your day in such a manner that you can even utilize your holidays and need not take more off from your work. This will not create any bad impact neither on your job nor on your salary.

The only thing you are in need to do is to follow the guidelines and list of public holidays going to fall this year i.e, in 2019. Apart from it, this list is not only beneficial for the residents of Malaysia it is also beneficial for other people. If you reside outside and planning any vacation or trip to Malaysia then also in such condition it will be a good idea to plan your trip by looking over public holidays. As on public holidays most of the places remain close and if you arrive on that day then for sure you will waste your one or two days unnecessarily so it is better to first have a look on everything and then start making your trip to Malaysia. Although Malaysia is really a wonderful country to visit, one should definitely adore the lifestyle and beauty of Malaysia once in their lifetime.

Holidays by Declaration

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Under the section 8 of Holidays Act 1951, in Peninsular Malaysia and Labuan the declaration of any day or observation over public holidays is all done by the Prime Minister after consulting everything with the corresponding state government. The holidays which are declared official are accounted for as paid holiday to the employees. At the time of general election or on the day of installation of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, the declaration of public holidays occur, after the event of international sporting the days are celebrated as achievements of Malaysian athletes and is considered as the public holiday.

If we talk about the holidays of state level in Malaysia, then the declaration is done by the state government on an occasional day for different events like as of installation of the state ruler or providing an extra holiday but they are not gazetted officially. Apart from the holidays which are declared under section 8 of Holidays Act 1951, it is voluntary to observe occasional state holidays by both private businesses and organizations while the schools and government offices remain closed.

Public Holidays For Festivals in Malaysia

Public Holidays For Festivals in Malaysia


Apart from these federal holidays, there are various festivals which are celebrated with full enthusiasm in Malaysia and are considered as the Public holidays. Some of these festivals are are follows:

Muslim Festivals – Ramadan, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Hari Raya Aidiladha, Maulidur Rasul, Israk dan Mikraj, Nuzul Quran, Islamic New Year

Christian Festivals – Christmas eve and day, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday, Festa San Pedro (Kristang)

Hindu Festivals – Pongal, Thaipusam, Maha Shivratri, Panguni Uthiram, Ugadi, Puthandu, Ram Navami, Chithirai Purnima, Aadi Perukku, Varalakshmi Virudham, Sri Krishna Jayanthi, Vinayagar Chathurthi, Onam, Purattsai, Navaratri, Saraswati Pooja, Deepavali, Karthikai Deepam

Buddhist Festivals – Wesak Day

Chinese Festivals – Chinese New year, Lantern Festival, Qingming Festival, Duanwu Festival, Ghost festival, Mid-Autumn Festival / Moon Festival, Dongzhi festival

Sikh Festivals – Vaisakhi

Taoist Festivals – Nine Emperor Gods Festival

East Malaysian Festivals – Pesta Kalimaran, Kaul festival, Tadau Kaamatan, Gawai

So, these above were some of the festivals as per the religions which are celebrated in Malaysia and most of them are considered as Public holidays in Malaysia. In the list we are providing here you will also get the details of these festivals according to the date and month in which they are going to fall in 2019.


From the entire world, Malaysia is having the largest number of public holidays as compared to any other country and it is ranked at the 7th position among top 10 countries after Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Hong Kong. From all these holidays some are known as federal gazetted public holidays while some are the public holidays declared by individual states as per their citizens. Each and every holy day of all major religions is considered as the public holiday which comes on both the western calendar and on the religious calendar.

The Hari Kebangsaan also was known as Hari Merdeka is considered as the most widespread holiday which comes on 31 August and celebrated as the Independence Day in the memory of Federation of Malaysia’s independence. Apart from this Labour day and the King’s birthday are also considered as the national public holidays. Among all religions, Muslim holiday is considered as the prominent one in Malaysia and the most important of them is Hari Raya Puasa which is the translation of Eid-al-Fitr. In the Malaysian Chinese column, almost all holidays are similar as per the festivals observed by Chinese from which Chinese New Year is considered as the most prominent day. There are many more prominent holidays of different religions which are celebrated in Malaysia and most of them are considered as public holidays.

So, after reading this article we assume that you have come to learn a lot about Malaysian culture and the holidays going to fall in 2019 for more you can refer to the list of holidays being provided in this article.