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The public and school holidays are shown in the national calendar of Malaysia Public & School Holidays.These holidays are celebrated by the Malaysian people. But this calendar may be subjected to changes officially, which are usually announced. The user has to ascertain the updates that are essential on a regular basis. It should be noted that the user has to scroll the list of holidays enabling to view the entire public holidays in Malaysia. The user can select the Malaysian state of residence where he/she resides, which helps to know the holiday calendar of that state.

Private and Governmental organizations mostly observe Malaysia Official Holidays. But the National Day is considered as the common holiday, which will be in Malaysia. This day is also celebrated as Independence Day, on the thirty-first day of August. The day is remembered as independence in Malaysia. The labour day is celebrated on the first day of May. On the first Saturday of June, people of Malaysia celebrate the birthday of the King of Malaysia.

There are several other festivals which are observed based on Malaysia Public Holidays Calendar. They are celebrated under major public holidays. Malaysia Holidays of each major religion are observed as holidays for the public in. Looking into the western calendar of Malaysia, the holidays observed are religious ones.

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While considering both the federal and state levels, all the Public Holidays in Malaysia are observed. The list of main Malaysia Federal Holidays is declared throughout the entire country. Considering each federal territory and state, additional holidays are celebrated by the people of Malaysia. The Malaysian Public Holidays is a combination of secular type of holidays. People of Malaysia prefer to observe the holidays that reflect the nation’s history.